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Watch: CNN compares traditional Maori greeting to Chippendales and horny emus

How long does it take for the most trusted news source to turn a boring non-story into a racist, xenophobic nightmare?

About 13 seconds it turns out, and that’s only because CNN news correspondent Jeanne Moos takes her time narrating the intro.

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The only thing surprising about this is that it wasn’t split-screened with the fucking plane.

Im a new zealander and I’m disgusted by this report, and it’s total lack of cultural  understanding. Sorry we didn’t try and wipe out our native people, or shove them into special reservations and completely ignore them as the original inhabitants. Sorry that our cultural heritage make’s you feel embarrassed.

Fuck you CNN. 

why is it always the woman who has to see past the beast in the man? why does she always have to clean his wounds, even after he has damaged her beyond repair? why is it always the man who is worthy of forgiveness for being a monster?
I want to see the beast in the beauty.
the half smile, half snarl. the unapologetic anger. I would like to see the man forgive the monster. to see her, blood and all, and love her anyway.
beauty and the beast | Caitlyn S. (via yasodhara)


As far as I’ve heard, this is the box art for Senran Kagura Burst. A quick glance on google shows a load of horrible, misshapen girls. But this one is pretty bad.

Her right boob looks like it’s falling off. It should be higher up than that. Not to mention they’re completely the wrong shape. She also seems to have a wandering nipple on the left one.

wincenworks when I showed him this: “Either a boob has gone rogue or she dislocated her head.”

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